About Us


Foundation for Peace, Harmony & Good Governance Towards Justice, Equity and Good Governance
The Foundation for Good Governance (FGG) aims at the following:

To assist institutions promoting social, economic, political development and justice.

To bring about wholesale reform of the criminal justice system without any further delay, to make criminal justice speedy, inexpensive and effective.

To generate awareness among people of the imperative of fighting against corruption in all its manifestations and to support all anti-corruption measures.

To promote effective policies and administrative measures to do justice to all and to eliminate corruption in the spheres of politics, administration and judiciary by transparency and speed in the decision making process and also guaranteeing freedom of information to the citizens.

To encourage study and research on the root causes of crime, insurgency and terrorism. While punitive measures that deal with only the symptoms need to be made more effective, the root causes should be analysed and identified to take effective measures to eliminate the basic causes once and for all.

To restore people's faith in established institutions of governance by depoliticizing police and bureaucracy to make them impartial, fair and objective , and also to make them instruments of law as opposed to the widespread prevalent perception that the bureaucracy and law enforcement agencies are increasingly becoming tools in the hands of those in power.

To ensure a cleaner electoral process to create credibility and respectability of democratic institutions at all levels - from panchayat to the parliament.

To collaborate with the Universities and other organizations towards ensuring a fair, just and harmonious social order and equal opportunities for every section of the society to realize the full potential of the individual and make maximum contribution to the development of the nation.

To organize and facilitate seminars, conferences, study courses, lectures and discussions, on issues of best practices for good governance.

To interact with Union and State Governments on matters of good governance in all spheres.

To collaborate, coordinate and network with similar organizations.

To create awareness on the importance of the right education, especially value based; and to ensure implementation of education for all.

To educate the public about the dangers and damage that would follow when natural disasters occur and to prepare the official and non-official organizations to anticipate and be fully prepared for speedy and efficient management of natural disasters.

To create awareness about the disastrous consequences to the individuals, families and the nation due to increase in the spread of deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS and to support all activities to prevent the incidence and increase of such diseases.

To promote human rights awareness, as well as fundamental duties and responsibilities.

To sensitize the public and the government to be more alive to the plight of the farmers; and to ensure that the farmers get remunerative price for their produce.

To bridge the widening gap between rural Bharat and urban India, by providing better infrastructure facilities, amenities and opportunities in villages.

To promote goodwill, understanding and harmony between peoples of different creeds, colour, faiths and nationalities.

To encourage all activities towards spirituality, the core philosophy and value of all Faiths.

To improve and transform individuals as world transformation and peace is attainable ultimately only by individuals achieving peace and transformation.

To ensure to everyone, access to basic health facilities and means of livelihood.

In short to strive for all that is possible to ensure order, peace, harmony, justice, prosperity by good governance